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Du Kium

Du Kium (coexistence) is a fundamental cross-cultural project for all those who wish to rediscover Judaism in Spain, past and present.  


Jewish Life was never easy, but it is encouraging to discover that despite the difficulties, in the Middle Ages Sefarad had the longest list of Jewish philosophers, poets, doctors, astronomers, accountants, rabbis, mathematicians and scholars.


Through conferences, research, courses, workshops and historically accurate tours, we intend to foster important social change. We want to make past dreams and ambitions, a future reality.


Cordoba has an important, rich and awe-inspiring Jewish and local history. Our key to understanding it deeply is our vast knowledge. Even knowledge alone is not enough; it is also important to know how to enthusiastically relate it.


This is a journey, more than a mere tour, it is a conversation; an exploration of the Spanish Jewish Life in the Middle Age, for all who are interested in Jewish life. 


In addition, the tours provide meaningful, fascinating, and educational tours through places profound Jewish heritage. The explorations are guided by passionate Spanish Jews who share through their own experiences.


Going through one of the best preserved Jewish neighborhoods in Spain, we will retrace the footsteps of the great Jewish thinkers of the past. We will discover the origins of the first great Jewish renaissance in Europe, as well as the difficult period that preceded it.


Through clues, tangible and intangible, we will be able to appreciate the significance of Sephardi legacy. Today, this legacy is alive and well – it permits us to reestablish local communities, and highlight the impact of Sepharad on the Spanish culture, and Spain on the Jewish people.


For about three hours on foot we can create a bridge that will lead us to a resurgence of Jewish Community in this century in Spain.

About me

Jorge Gershon was born in Melilla and grew up in Ceuta, two Spanish enclaves in North Africa. He moved to Seville when he decided to enter to University to study Economic Sciences. Since then he combinated his studies with his passion, the Jewish history and cultural knowledge. 


He has worked in Cordoba in Casa de Sefarad and in Seville promoting the Jewish Center and he is currently Program Director of Makom Sefarad.

He is also a Researcher devoted to the preservation of Jewish heritage in Andalusia.


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