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Cádiz is the oldest city in Spain and also in all of Europe, founded more than 3,100 years ago by the Phoenicians.
The Phoenicians (Canaanites) are one of the most fascinating civilizations in history, introducers of trade and the alphabet through the Mediterranean, they have their origin in present-day Israel, Syria and Lebanon. 
Cadiz is where the biblical Tarshish and the Temple of Hercules was located, a city  that was visited by Julius Caesar, who granted the inhabitants of this city Roman citizenship. 
Columbus departed from Cadiz on his second and fourth voyages to the Indies. Not so his first trip because, according to him, the port of Cadiz was "crowded with Jews" and Cádiz is where years later, on November 20th, 1500, he returned chained...
Learn about the Jewish Legacy in the old Jewish Quarter, hear how the "marranos" illegally left the port of Cadiz for Livorno while other Crypto-Jews returned from Portugal to Cadiz to trade with the Americas, understand why the first Spanish Constitution was born in Cadiz just as the Spanish Inquisition was abolished in Cadiz and connect with the history of the Jewish refugees who left the ports of Cadiz during the Shoah it is esencia to know the Cadis of today.
And all this in the framework of a city with an excellent climate, beautiful beaches and a unique historic center in itself.
Walking, discovering, remembering and savoring the Jewish legacy of Cádiz is an unforgettable experience.
A Jewish Tour in Cádiz is a must!


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