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Jewish Seville

Jews recovered the economic and cultural influence that had been lost for a hundred years, reaching its true moment of splendor, when Sevilla was conquered by King Ferdinand III. The Jews of Seville received the Castilianmonarch symbolically handing him the key to the aljama, carved in gold and with the inscription:                                                                  

"The King of Kings will open, the king of all the Earth will enter".

Discovering the legacy of Sevillian Jews in the Barrio de Santa Cruz is a unique experience. Its narrow streets, its historical and monumental value, its traditional commerce and its orange tree patios take us to a past that remains alive. The Barrio de Santa Cruz is not only the oldest neighborhood in the city but also remains the heart of Sevillian society.


Although Seville may have one of the most extraordinary Jewish narratives in Europe, it is also one of the most difficult to reconstruct and appreciate without the help of expert eyes. Find out how the old synagogues have evolved, discover the corners where the walls that surrounded the Jewish quarter are still standing or what happened to the old cemetery together with the living experience of being in the city where the first Jewish Community was created after the expulsion throughout Spain, make this tour a different experience from all the others. 

Moises Hassan

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