Seville    is a city covered with layers. The passage of time has created fascinating narrative based on the history of Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, Muslims, Catholics, Gypsies and Jews. Specifically the local Jewish history is full of successes, splendor and challenges and so we cannot understand our current identity without the memory of the Jewish doctors, philosophers, intellectuals, scholastics and conversos.

The Jewish Quarter of Seville is one of the oldest in Spain, due to the cultural, commercial and financial importance of the city.  The most outstanding remains are in the Jewish Quarter built after the Christian reconquest in 1248, by the King Fernando III. Seville was home to some of the most prominent Jews of that era, such as Samuel Levi and Samuel Abravane. Significantly, Seville was the scene of the famous persecutions of 1391, and the place of origin of the Inquisition.


A journey through the history of the Jews of Seville is a journey through universal history!